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Terror at the Marathon News/Business. (2013) Inspiring stories of loss, survival and heroism of the bombing of the 2013 Boston Marathon.




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  CNN    Anderson Cooper Special Report    Terror at the Marathon  News/Business.  (2013) Inspiring  
   stories of loss, survival and heroism of the bombing of the...  

    April 20, 2013
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one word says it all. captured. that as the fate of suspected
bomber dzhokhar zarniya and this was the reaction to his capture. cheers for boston's finest. the local, state and federal authorities to be brought to a successful end for a tragic, horrendous week. hello, i'm john boyle at the cnn center. >> welcome to cfn's continuing coverage of the capture of the final suspect in the boston bombing. the end of this horrible week did fot come peacefully. but it certainly could is been a lot worse than it was. >> before it was all over, a police officer would be shot to death, the same for one of the suspected bombers. the older brother and the details before it all went down.
>> we consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous. >> again, at 10:00 p.m. at night, it all began to unravel. they allegedly used a stolen atm card to get money. and then shots rang out. >> they're active and extremely dangerous. >> an mit police officer was killed in his car, shot multiple times. police swarmed, but the suspects were on the move. just blocks away, the suspects made a stunning confession to the driver. that they were the marathon drivers. remarkably, he wasn't hurt. now, the chase was on.
into the night and into the boston suburb of watertown. just after 1:00 a.m., witnesses heard gunfire. >> we heard gunshots and then we saw the explosion. i actually saw a black suv come down laurel street and cross over dexter. it looked like day hit a police car. they were just shooting at that. >> police now know who they were dealing with. two brothers and 19-year-old dzhokhar. they seemed cornered and were desperate to escape. police say they threw exploes efs out the window at them. we're told he was wearing explosives and a device to trigger them. police shot him. he would die, soon.
they went door-to-door. >> this is my home and it's scary to think of your home, as, like, a war zone, almost. >> around 4:00 a.m., authorities released a new photo of dzhokhar zarniya aplarntly taken from a convenience store camera. public schools closed. trains, buss, subways, ordered to stay put. >> we believe this to be a terrorist. >> well here now is one of the brief that we got friday night.
it shows you friday night. that's where the suspected bomber has been taken. i know that the heart condition was described as serious when he was taken into custody. it appeared after a gunfight with authorities yesterday morning. and the trail of blood actually led authorities to him on a boat there in watertown, massachusetts. there was another gunfight at the boat and there's a possibility that he might have sustained injuries during that
gunfight. we don't know that for sure, but we do know at this point, he is still in serious condition here at the hospital. >> 4:00 a.m., eastern time. what kind of presence is there right now? >> yes, i'm sorry. if you could repeat the question? >> as you're trying to get a sense of the security presence there at the hospital? yes, there was a larger presence here last night when he was arriving. since then, that number has gone down somewhat. outside, where we are right now, we don't see any officers. >> do we get a sense of when we will get a formal briefing on
dzhokhar's condition? we are hoping for a briefing soon. we're hoping that the fbi is taking over any requests. we will learn more about any updates on his condition. >> and it's my understanding that beth israel is the same hospital that dzhokhar's brother was taken to, correct? >> that is krerkt. his brother was taken here yesterday morning and pronounced dead here at the hospital. of course, now, he is here recovering from injuries. as you can imagine, that has caused some confrontation around here. they were just saying the concern was before we knew he was here at this hospital, that, of course, that this person
could be in the hospital. so there's defer nitly con zern here. people are definitely on edge right now. now, the legal process is just getting started. >> the first thing that will happen is the u.s. attorney's office will prepare a complaint which will be an affidavit by an fbi agent. he will then be arraigned. he'll get a defense attorney and then have an arraignment. now, on normal circumstances, someone would not be arraigned until monday morning.
at the arraignment, two things will happen. there will be a discussion on bail. he will not get out on bail, obviously. they will set a preliminary hearing 30 days forward. what will happen is in the next 30 days, he will be indicted with the grand jury. and then the case will be assigned to a federal district judge and that's when the case will begin. >> a long legal road ahead. families on monday. releasing a statement from her family, the note reads our daughter has lost her husband today, the father of her child.
the aftermath stays. the mother also said neither of her sons talked about terrorism or showed any inclination. st one was raised in america. my oldest son, he was really, really properly raised in our house. nobody talked about the terror reason. my son, tamerlan, was really got involved in religion, you know, like by religious politics five years ago. he never told me he would be on the side of jihad.
they knew what my son was doing. they knew what actions and what sites internet he was going. they're telling today that this is a terrorist act? now, the father has also been talking from his home and he is angry. he says he doesn't believe his sons are guilty and is particularly upset with police. >> someone framed them. i don't know who exactly did it, bud someone did. being cowards, they hot the boys dead. when you try calling the younger one, the phone is off. all phones are off. i can't get through to him.
i want to get more information. those are my kids, you understand? i'm afraid for my other boy. maybe he will be shot dead, too. you don't find weapons in a garbage dump. it's all because i'm a frad for my son and his life. >> you've been living there for a long time. have you ever had any complaints about the justice there? >> no, never. but i didn't ever face it. how could i know about the justice system there. i didn't have any problems. >> the day before you spoke to your elder son, what did he tell you? >> he said everything was okay. did you help him? look after him? make sure he's studying well to make sure he's studying? you quit the yumpbt because he got married early.
let the kid at least graduate. in this life, a person who doesn't learn is working. that's why i'm always telling him, study, study, study. >> as you see, a range of emotions being expressed. one of them went on live tv friday visibly upset. pleading that his nephew was still on the run. give himself up.
i would say my family, my family associated. first, the only service is just to deliver condolences. those who have been murdered. those who have been injured. he's only 29 years old. i've just been following this. i would never, ever imagine that somehow that children of my brother would be associated with that. so it is a tragedy.
>> well, asking why? why was this attack carried out in boston. nick, you were outside school number one where the two brothers briefly attended that school for some time. what are they saying there about these two brothers. >> well, the school director where they started were shortly after they left. the school register here gives very interesting detale.
and then on the 25th of march, 2002 coming to america. he was not reported by u.s. officials to have reached the united states until 2006 on a green card. so what exactly was he doing for those five years? was he here? was he somewhere else in the world and certainly, that could be questioned as want kind of influence increasing in this stubborn region. the oovr spill of violence into the west and i'm to the east of it here.
i'm real con serped. russian security sources saying they never came in many ways. i'm real concerned had he remained in the country for five years -- >> given all of that, the father says the boys are fed up. they had nothing to do with it. that there is general disbelief coming from some members of the family. what are they saying? is that a shared opinion? they are echoing that disbelief.
yes, i think that another generally being recorded by activists here. a real disbelief here, of course. >> and there's another piece of the puzzle here. >> i do know from speaking to the shopkeeper he was there for a month in summer.
he was just simply here to assist in his words. it's not one of the satellite states around it. they don't seem to watch. the more we look, the holes we see with the fwraet possibility there is. hopefully, we'll get some answers in the coming days. you're watching cnn's continuing coverage. 20 minutes passed 4:00 in the morning. there still much to report on this breaking news story.
>> we'll have continuing coverage of this breaking news story after a quick break. stay with us.
we have continuing coverage all day here on cnn. a massive man hunt comes to an end. let's take a look now at a map of the timeline and how the developments played out. it sounded like thursday night. police say the two suspects stopped at a convenience store in cambridge, massachusetts. a police officer from massachusetts institute of technology was fatally shot while he was in his car. authorities then say the two
brothers hijacked another car. its all happened just a few blocks away. the police and the suspect got into a shootout. the officers wounded one of the men, later identified as the older brother. he was declared dead at the hospital. fast forward to friday evening. he was cornered on a boat in the backyard of a house in water town. it lasted more than an hour. boston police confirmed dzhokhar was in custody. >> shortly after dzhokhar was captured, it set an important chapter in this tragedy is now closed. why? why these brothers allegedly carried out a bombing plot and whether anyone else was involved.
>> one things we do know is whatever agenda drove these brothers to such heinous acts, would not, could not prevail. whatever they thought they've achieved, they've already failed. they failed because the people of boston refuse today be intimidated. they failed because, as americans, we refuse to be terrorized. they failed because we will not waiver from the character, the compassion and the values that define us as a country. nor will we break the bonds that hold us together as americans. that american spirit includes staying true to the diverse to that makes us strong. a terrifying fire fight had residents scrambling for cover in their own homes.
>> reporter: a city in terror after a night of chaos and violence. residents woke up in the middle of the night during a shoot oult between police and the boston marathon bombing suspects. they say it was like being in the middle of a war zone. we saw gunshots and an explosion. it looked like day hit a police car and then they were just shooting with that. >> there is a shooting right outside your house. you need to get down. so i was like freaking out. i just heard explosion after explosion. i crouched down in my doorway.
>> famtlies are still out there on laurel street. they were roughly woken from a dead sleep. they saw a s.w.a.t. team banging on their door. one suspect was killed. his brother, on the run prompting a massive man hunt and the entire city of boston and its suburbs.
stay in doors and keep their doors locked. not to open for anyone other than an officer. >> transit, shut down. schools and universities closed. heavily armored police urgently search for zarniya before he can hurt anyone else. >> i say dzhokhar, if you're alive, turn yourself in. and ask for forgiveness. >> much of the boston area was on police lockdown. authorities asked everyone to stay in doors while they searched for the remaining suspect.
it's estimated the shut down cost the city more than $330 million. but then, when it was all over, residents turned out to show their thanks to police. many residents understand it was a massive relief. jub lent crowds also agreed in the s.w.a.t. team that helped in this successful man hunt. the governor of massachusetts added his thanks, but one boston police officer said to the crowd, if you want to thanks, just go home.
>> well, that relief -- that relief quickly spread across boston after police announced they had got their man. it has been a terrifying week here. that fear, thankfully, is now gone. it was really just moments after the news came that police captured the second subject. the streets here literally erupted in juplation, in cheers. we ran into a group of i'd say about 400 college students. it just filled the streets outside of their dorms. they were sitting on the stoops. they were jumping on the streets. you could hear the joy in their voice. some of them haven't had class all week because of how close their university is to the crime scene. they told me that now they feel like they're safe. they can go back to class.
they can rest again. and it wasn't just here in boston. it is across this country. it is around the world. we heard the story of a flight that is on going. number 2 had been captured and a plane erupted in applause. amidst all of this juplatibilat this is a city that is still reveling from such a tragedy. three of them are in critical condition. and, of course, you still have those four beautiful lives that were lost. the officer who was murdered last night. you have the girl, crystal campbell and, of course, the chinese students studying here at boston yumpt.
those four lives lost. so something to keep in mind amidst smiles that i haven't seen all week here in boston. the city suffering such a tragedy and such a long way to go. >> that is an important point. that in all of this, all of that j jubilation, this attack left four people dead and we'll have more on that when we come back after a short break. >> yes, we definitely will. >> we're going to have much more coverage. we're going to take you step by step from how it came to be that they captured remains suspects of the boston bombing. stay with cnn.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> you're watching cnn's continuing coverage of the capture of the second suspect in the boston marathon bombings. gh hello, everyone. i'm at the cnn center. it is 35 passed 4:00 in the morning on the east coast. here's what we know. the second suspect in monday's boston marathon terror attack is in custody. after gunfire erupted friday evening, apparently put up a fight after finding himself surrounded by police in a watertown neighborhood. >> it was a tense stand off. he was eventually captured and taken to a boston hospital. you can be seen through the
window of the ambulance. the suspected bomber is listed in serious condition. the final moments of the man hunt that had boston on edge. >> they were announcing that basically, they were going to have the movement out of watertown. we heard bursts of automatic gunfire from what sounded like i would say four weapons. they sounded all like the same weapon, you know, in terms of their make and model. i'm only assuming that was one-way shots being fired from police to the direction of the suspect. i didn't hear anything after that. and then we saw tremendous response of police going to the area right now where this person was hiding. it was unmistakable bursts of
gunfire that began this. mit police officer was shot and killed thursday night. 26 years old. it all began monday afternoon at the finish line of the boston marathon. the explosions, the first one, shown here in slow motion ripped through a crowd of spectators. you can see at least one of the runners collapsing to the street. three people were killed, including 8-year-old martin richard. the richard family released a statement on friday thanking everyone who helped. we also thank the citizens and businesses. it worked and tonight our community is, once again, safe from these two men.
>> the successful man hunt ended in a backyard in watertown. in the end, people that caused the boston area to hide in their homes was, himself, hiding in a small boat. there was this kind of eerie calm over boston. we got to the scene, we got to the back of the house as police were negotiating with sarniya. we heard them talking to him. they were saying things like come out with your hands up. we know you're in there. come out on your own terms.
they were determined, to end this face-off peacefully. this did not end so peacefully, but they did end it without hurting him further. hoe was wounded. he had lost some blood by the time he came out, but it could have been much worse. >> i know law enforcement had been going door-to-door in the area? >> they certainly had. they were saying they were going door-to-door searching 80-more percent of the homes here. so, you know, they clearly, during that period, still didn't find them. it's unclear whether they actually went through this one. you can probably surmise that there's a good chance that they
did. there's also a good chance that he might have been hulled up inside that boat under that tarp for much of the day. that could have been how he evaded them for so many hours. we don't know about the owners of the home. he was found by a passer by who happened to be walking down the middle of the street. the passer by noticed some blood on the boat. cot a little closer. took a look inside the bolt. noticed some movement. so that person called the police and that's how the police got here. very often, that's how the situation is resolved. by someone who happens to be there. brian, always appreciate it. thank you.
along with the question of motive, did these men act alone? >> i think i's very interesting that they were able to detonate two bombs almost simultaneously. >> we've had terrorists try to detonate bombs in the united states. so sometimes, it's very unlikely. that's the first question.
the other question is the kind of question president obama raised. he was self radicalized with a major internet complex to that. finally, anderson, wafs the older brother doing in russia for six months last year. >> we've seen in the past, an american, naturalized in this country. >> those are the three main questions. >> analysts say it is important to know if the bombers had help because that could quite simply prevent further attacks.
john, watching the coverage throughout friday, you'll p struck by a kind of discrepancy. >> dzhokhar looks even more boyish in this updated photo. >> question're muslims. we're chechens. somebody radicalized them. but on tweets of dzhokhar's twitter account, there is little remorse.
russian social media web site, the suspect's world view is described as islam. his personal priority, career and money. a video so showning the carnage. dzhokhar became a u.s. citizen on september 11, last year. he enrolled at the dartmouth campus of the the university of massachusetts. >> regular teenager. i didn't suspect anything. he was on the wrestling team. he went to parties with other students. >> he was an out assistanting athlete. >> another friend says one conversation does stand out.
>> a friend of mine, you know, we've been in contact this morning. in regards to terrorisms, the act of terror not being a serious issue if you come from the place that i come there.
>> we used to play soccer together. we were more acquaintances than friends. he would ask if we needed help with anything. i'm really surprised with the outcome that happened. he was six or seven years older than him and clearly had become more fundamentalists. did you get any sense that he was getting very religious suddenly? not at all, to be honest.
the thing about him is i guess he follows -- and his brother, who is more probably like a father figure to him, since his father was all the way across the world. >> when you heard it was dzhokhar the fbi was looking for, what was your reaction to that? >> to be honest, the first time i saw the picture of the suspects, i saw the picture on redit, the picture of the suspect, you know, the glory kind. at first, i thought there was some resemblance there, but not enough to contact authorities. >> i realized it was actually him. at first, i was in disbelief. but it turns out it was him.
>> aparentally, as recently as wednesday, you were going to various events and to a party. >> yeah, the last time i saw him was two months ago. the month before that, he gave me a ride to a soccer event that was held off campus. >> how did he seem to you? >> he seemed very find. he had just gotten his car back. it was like regular conversation. >> how can you explain that so many people -- i've been watching all day thinking how can this 19-year-old son that's about three days older. i'm trying to think of a kid at that age. he's not a kid. he's not a child. he's a young man. he seems to be perfectly nor
matter of law. so all the people like you that had recent dealings with him. never threatening. not undeservedly religious. and, yet, he's being responsible for one of the worst terror atrocities in modern american history. do you have any possible, plausible explanation? >> i would say civil influence is a big, big pack tor of that kind of thing. you'd be surprised. we still don't know all of the facts. that's why i'm very glad that the boston police were able to capture him live so we can get more info on this topic.
we don't really know all of the information. >> i would say he shares an american live style, really, more than anything. >> well, in the days ahead, we will continue to speak to people who knew these two men -- boys, they were. >> the interesting thing is the relationship between the older brother and the younger brother.
>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> several minutes before 5:00 a.m. here on the east coast. this is cnn's continuing coverage.
>> let's get the very latest after a very dramatic day here in the united states. >> you can hear it as you see those cheers for boston on friday night. a standing ovation for local and federal authorities after they captured the second suspect in boston's marathon terror attack. but it didn't happen peacefully. gunfire erupted after police had surrounded in the neighborhood in the boston suburb of watertown. what followed was a stand off. the city of boston was locked down while police search. but, now, police say they're
relieved. i feel relieved. i feel like everybody else has been relieved. we've all been watching the tv, the computer, the live up dates since the beginning. i feel like i can go back to school now and know that i'm safe. >> pure elation there. the first word that police had apprehe apprehended, the suspected bomber didn't come from a big announce. there is a lot more being provided from social media.
>> the boston bombing suspect has been tweeting. two friends of his tell cnn it is, in fact, hi twitter account. his handle,@jdzhokhar, he's got a picture of a grimacing lion for a pro file. >> it is just one of the dots trying to connect who the suspected is. what did we learn suspect's father you be the judge. within hours of the bombings, he tweeted out this message. ain't no love in the heart of the city. stay safe, people. it's been done most rekrebtly to jay-z.
day say what? god hates dead people or victims of tragedies? lol, that means laugh out loud. those people are cocked. >> he's accused of taking part in his older brother. he tweeted out messages talking about movies, references to marijuana, to the patriot's football team. he retweeted will farrell. a while back, he posted his photo. 1100 tweets in all going back three years. a dozezen messages. another twitter user retweeted that message and added the words
but my backpack is. >> we will have much more on the hour here as we continue our live coverage of the aftermath of the sitwax there in bos tonl. >> we will be live in boston because we are covering the story not sdwrus live from boston, but live to dagastan which is where the brothers lived. a lot more coming up in the next hour here on cnn. please, stay with us.